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Bangladesh makes Lonely Planet Best Value Top 10

  • Published at 09:09 am October 24th, 2018

The report points out that Bangladesh’s Unesco World Heritage sites are waiting to be discovered

In a recent report showcasing the best-in-value travel destinations for 2019, Lonelyplanet.com ranked Bangladesh 7th in their meticulously-crafted list of the top ten places made for affordable adventures. 

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Lonely Planet is a large travel guide book publisher, and their guidebooks are usually aimed at backpackers and other low-cost travelers seeking to explore the world.

A screenshot taken from the video of the Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s affordable adventures ranking introduces Bangladesh – the world’s eighth most populated country– as a home to diverse and exciting cities; Asia’s longest beach (and an emerging surf scene) at Cox’s Bazar; and the mangroves and wild tigers of Sundarbans National Park. 

The report points out that Bangladesh has always been an inexpensive destination for travelers, and Unesco World Heritage sites are waiting to be discovered. Bagerhat is one such site—the historic city is an  open-air museum, and other Unesco sites include where the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers meet, as well as the atmospheric Buddhist ruins at Paharpur. 

The report concluded by mentioning that visitors are a rarity almost everywhere else, giving Bangladesh an “out there” feeling that is harder to find in many neighbouring countries.

Southern Nile Valley, in Egypt, topped the rankings; followed by the ambitious post-industrial city of Lodz, in Poland; and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of the USA. The Maldives and Argentina ranked 4th and 5th consecutively.

A screenshot taken from the video of the Lonely Planet

Albania, Slovenia, and Ecuador complete the  Lonelyplanet.com affordable adventure index’s list. Curiously enough, none of Bangladesh’s neighbours – India, Myanmar, and Pakistan – were mentioned in the report.