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Survey: Singapore has the world's fastest 4G internet

  • Published at 06:16 pm September 2nd, 2018
Singapore 4G
The fastest 4G internet speed is in Singapore, a stunning 44Mbps connection | Pixabay

Bangladesh was not part of the survey

According to a recent survey of regional wireless internet services across 88 countries by OpenSignal, a United Kingdom-based wireless technology company, Singapore has the fastest 4G internet provider with 44.3Mbps speed. 

Singapore is followed by South Korea and Australia. 

Although Vietnam and Myanmar launched their 4G networks recently, they have managed to provide connectivity that challenges the speeds of Taiwan and Japan.

India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Pakistan faired poorly in the report. Their 4G internet provides below 15Mbps speed to their customers.

Bangladesh was not part of the survey.

Asia News Network reports that the industry seems to have reached a limit to what the current technology, spectral bandwidth and mobile economics can support on a nationwide level.