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Only 2% active Facebook users in Bangladesh

  • Published at 03:59 pm September 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:00 am September 7th, 2017
Only 2% active Facebook users in Bangladesh
Only 2% of the 29 million registered Facebook users in Bangladesh are active, according to the latest findings of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Bangladesh Open Source Network (BDOSN) General Secretary Munir Hasan says at least 25% of these 600,000 regular Facebook users are “highly active”. “They login to Facebook at least once a week on average. But 30% of the users are totally inactive. Most of them create an account for the sake of creating one and forget all about it,” he said. Munir says the online presence of the “virtually silent” users is marked by their login signature. Their inactivity makes it difficult to assess the online trend of Bangladeshi Facebook users.
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However, Aminul Hakim, the president of Internet Service Provider’s Association of Bangladesh, said a trend had been noticed among the Facebook users who use broadband internet. “The middle-aged demographic prefers news on the Facebook News Feed. However, there is no exact data to support this due to a lack of research,” Aminul said. Aminul said 88Gb of the country’s total available bandwidth of 436Gb is used for Facebook. Breaking the total available figure down into 110Gb for mobile operators and 326Gb for ISPs, Aminul said 50% of the mobile bandwidth is being used solely for Facebook but only 10% of the ISP bandwidth serves the same purpose. On average, most professionals spend Tk300-400 per month on internet connections to use Facebook. The expenditure is slightly higher for Wi-Fi users. As of June 2017, there were 73 million internet users in Bangladesh. This story was first published in Bangla Tribune