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E-cigarettes can be modified into hacking tools

  • Published at 11:28 am June 17th, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:19 pm June 17th, 2017
E-cigarettes can be modified into hacking tools
Electronic cigarettes can be modified into tools to hack computers when it is plugged into the USB port, experts warn. Security researcher Ross Bevington has made the discovery, reports Sky News. Bevington, during a presentation at BSides London, showed how an e-cigarette could be used to attack a computer. Hackers could make the attack by fooling the computer to believe it was a keyboard or by tampering with its network traffic. "PoisonTap is a very similar style of attack that will even work on locked machines," Bevington was quoted by Sky News as saying. Another hacker and researcher known as Fouroctets published a proof-of-concept video which showed arbitrary commands being entered into his unlocked laptop just after plugging in a vape pen to charge. The researcher said he had modified the vape pen by simply adding a hardware chip which allowed the device to communicate with the laptop as if it were a keyboard or mouse. He showed how, using less than 20 lines of code, the computer could be made to download an arbitrary and potentially dangerous file and run it. "The best way to protect against these kinds of attacks is to ensure that your machine has updated its security patches," said Bevington.