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Brac increases investment in Maya Apa mobile app

  • Published at 09:48 pm February 15th, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:00 pm February 15th, 2017
Brac increases investment in Maya Apa mobile app
In addition, Brac's urban development programme will implement a pilot project where the Maya Apa app will be used to give services to 50,000 women working in garments factories. The Brac-Maya initiative was announced on Wednesday, with the signing of a deal in a city hotel in the presence of State Minister for Posts and Telecommunication Tarana Halim. Maya Apa is a virtual platform that anyone anonymously can access any time, providing counselling and answers to queries on daily life issues including health, psychosocial and legal matters. Once a question is asked, it is redirected to the profile of relevant experts and the answer appears within a maximum of three hours. Statistics show that since the app was launched in February 2015, around 150,000 queries were submitted and answered. Currently, over 10,000 users access it daily. Speaking on the occasion as chief guest, Tarana Halim said this event is a stark example of how ICT in Development is the next frontier of sustainability. She opined that the Brac and Maya Apa partnership will help both organisations reach out to millions in Bangladesh, to provide information on wellbeing and healthcare at their fingertips.  
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"It could be a very effective tool to change society and I wish every mobile user of the country would use this as a service," hoped Tarana. Asif Saleh, senior director of strategy, communications and empowerment at Brac, moderated the event while Dr Muhammad Musa, executive director of Brac, spoke on the mission and objective of the partnership. Ivy H Russell, founder of Maya, spoke on the activities of Maya Apa. Dr Muhammad Musa and Ivy H Russell signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organisations. As per the agreement, Brac will invest Tk4cr in the next few years. Dr Muhammad Musa said: "Our objective is to provide better quality services to more people. By integrating technology into our programmes, we want to expedite the delivery of Brac's services to marginalised people." Ivy H Russel said: "Aside from the investment itself, BRAC brings unparalleled expertise and reach in taking services to 'last mile' users." "Our team will now have the resources in place to drive greater awareness for Maya Apa, as well as invest more heavily on improving the service by developing our capabilities in machine learning, natural language processing, and mobile user experience," added Ivy. Relevantly, a service titled 'Maya Apa Plus' has already been launched under partnership with mobile operator Robi. Users will have their queries answered in ten minutes through this service.