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Your story. Our pages. Share the love

  • Published at 06:36 pm February 14th, 2017
Your story. Our pages. Share the love
To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, we at Dhaka Tribune asked our readers to share their love stories and win a romantic getaway and other exciting prizes. Difficult decisions have to be made after an overwhelming response, but we are now pleased to announce our winners – Md Mamun Kabir for third prize, Md Samiul Kabir Seemon for second and Abida Islam as the winner of the first prize. Abida and her partner Ashique ul Alam have won a romantic three-day stay at the hotel The Cox Today, with the tickets being provided by Shohoz.com. Samiul and his partner Tajnima Sharmin Reema have won a buffet dinner at the Six Seasons hotel, and Mamun and Umma Tanzil Nadia have movie tickets courtesy of Star Cineplex. The winners were also treated to a special photo shoot by Dhaka Tribune, in collaboration with Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon, the fashion house StyleSell and choreographer Adolf Khan. On this special day, we give you a brief glimpse into the love stories of these amazing couples. Hope you have an amazing Valentine's!  

'It was so ordinary and so extraordinary'

[caption id="attachment_46765" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMGL3687aa Abida and Ashique[/caption] It was a miracle that we met by attending DUNMUN. I have lived all my life in Dhaka, I have and never been to Chittagong. He lived in Chittagong. The miraculous day when I met him was December 21, 2014. The first time I saw him, he was sitting on a blue sofa at the Dhaka University senate building wearing a gray suit to attend the program. It was a four day-long, hideously boring program where he was the only one whi interested me. But nothing very interesting happened. I called him “bhaiya” and “apni”; not very romantic, as you can imagine. Some months later, our first fight was on his attempt to make me call him “tumi”. However, it sparked interest. We got connected through Facebook. Soon we started chatting for hours. I didn’t find him that attractive when I first saw him but when he came to meet me in March he made a completely different impression on me. He had somehow gotten more handsome. I started falling for him when we were discussing Game of Thrones over our long walks in Puran Dhaka. After a few days, I had a terrible fight at home with my parents. That’s when I called him and subtly proposed. He was being a bit of an idiot really, and said nothing in response. It took us till May and my six day trip to China to finally convey our feelings to each other. It was so ordinary and so extraordinary at the same time. I was in a hotel in Beijing watching the early morning rain and he was in Chittagong when we finally said the words. It was the start of a roller coaster of a journey. There are many things in the journey with him that makes me fall in love with him again and again. But I think the thing that always makes me smile about him is how he forgets what he says while he is sleepy. I can always make up a story in the morning to make him blush. But the problem is he lives so far away. I miss him all the time. Whenever I miss him I listen to the song “Here without you” by 3 Doors Down. I don’t think any movie can describe what we have. Movies end but we are far away from any sort of ending.  

'Every bit of her makes me smile'

[caption id="attachment_46766" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMGL3918aaa Samiul and Tajnima[/caption]   I had just finished life as a Cadet, and was eager to explore and discover the practical world that I was disconnected from for so long. It was the first day of UCC coaching class, and I was excited about meeting new classmates. Suddenly, a beautiful girl stood at the door asking for permission to enter. Her face was glowing with a few drops of sweat on the nose. She smiled as soon as the teacher asked her in and that’s when I felt something that I had never felt before - love at first sight! Our friendship brought us closer together as the days passed by. After five months on November 2, we went on a date. After a few surprises, I dropped down on one knee, held a rose and uttered the most beautiful words. She pulled me up, laid her head on my shoulders and kept mum for the next couple of minutes. From here, the journey of love started. She’s a cute little bird, and every bit of her makes me smile, be it in happiness or pain! But her sleepy face every morning is the one that makes me laugh every day. The first time we fought since being in a relationship was weird. She saw me staring at a girl who was passing by on a rickshaw and started swearing, as if I was checking the girl out. I seriously wasn’t doing that at all and had no other option but to apologize to make things normal again. She wasn’t into Facebook much, thus we never really posted anything silly on each other's timeline. But a few months back, she hacked into my phone and uploaded a few old photos of mine with funny captions - that pissed me off big time! Most of the songs that I listen to reminds me of her and there are a lot of songs that carry special memories of ours. From the top of my head, the one song that reminds me of her is “Ei Pagoler Bhalobasha” by Joler Gaan. Two States by Abhishek Varman is a great movie, and it connects with our love story too. I’m from Barisal, and her origin is Noakhali - the rest is history. We’ve been together for a little over eight years and married since April 2015. I love you Tajnima!  

'A good life partner brings happiness and good luck in life'

[caption id="attachment_46772" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMGL3102123 Mamun and Nadia[/caption] 2016 was the luckiest year of my life. It feels like my life just started when I met that special someone. It was on January 25 last year. I was looking to hire someone for the position of junior programmer for the company I was working for. A lot of candidates applied. During the same period of time, someone knocked me on Facebook along with a friend request and we started to chat. Even though at first, I was under the impression that this is possibly a potential candidate for the job but after 10 minutes of chatting with her, I was surprised that she wasn't interested to apply for any job. She knocked me as she read a post of mine which made her interested about me. This is the first time any girl impressed me within 10 minutes by her talented opinion as well as polite behaviour. After 14 days of chatting, I proposed her via Facebook and said those three magic words “I love you.” She was simply surprised, because I decided to propose to her even without seeing her physically. Oh! I forgot to mention our names. I’m Mamun (Babu) by the way, and her name is Tanzil (Nodi). We first meet on February 18. She was indecisive about meeting up with me at first. But when she finally came, she was very friendly, easy to talk to and well-dressed. In fact I was not so well dressed like her. It still makes me smile thinking about that day--she showed very little interest over Facebook but came more prepared than me when we actually met. Again we met on February 27, on my birthday. Surprisingly, on her birth certificate, her birthdate is also on February 27. After one month of our first meet-up, our engagement took place on March 18. Before our engagement there was no fighting between us. But after we got engaged, we fought over silly matters. Sometimes, the reasons were quite funny—we argued over who will hang the mosquito net. One of my favourite Bangla songs is “Sudhu tomar jonno" by Sunny Zubayer. I lost count of the times I heard that song after meeting her. After March 18, we met so many times. As days passed, I started to change and began to think like her. Whenever dealing with any crucial situation, I always ask myself: “How will Nodi handle this situation?” I try to handle or solve problems the same way. After I met her, I got a new job in a big group of companies. This thinking pattern that I adopted from my partner really helped me achieve success. On April 29, we got married. I don't remember where I’ve heard the phrase “A good life partner brings happiness and good luck in life,” but it's proven to be true in my life. After our marriage, I became the CEO of the company. She has brought good luck along with her. Nodi is the love of my life, my valentine, best friend and life partner. Holding her hands, I want go a long way for as long as I live.