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The Chase

  • Published at 08:07 pm December 17th, 2016

One of the girls entered the room where I was hiding. I made no movement or noise. “No one is here,” she said. As she was leaving the room, I straightened my fingers and my finger-bones made a cracking noise.

The girl stopped and looked everywhere again. She looked under the bed. “There you are!” She tried to grab my hand. But I got out and took off, and it was a good thing I did. I ran through the corridor and the other girls spotted me. Without saying anything, they gave chase and tried to grab me.

I was surrounded. But I knew what to do. They held each other’s hands and made a circle around so I had no chance to escape. An idea came to my mind. I came closer to them and ducked right under their arms. “Get back here!”

I sprinted through the dining room. I looked everywhere for another place but that was a dead end. But then, I noticed a trap door. I opened it and went inside. I quickly closed it and locked it with an old key that was on the ground. “No! She went inside through the trap door!”

I panted and tried to calm down. “There must be something in here,” I told myself. Inside, it was dark and dusty. I looked around for anything that qualified as a light. I opened a drawer and found a box of matches and a candle. I lit a match and then slowly set it on the candle. The flame sprang up and everything became clearer. I opened the other drawers and checked for things that would come in handy. I found a file of papers. I opened it up and started to read. It was written:

Please help me. A gang of girls and three spectres have locked me up in here. There is nothing to eat and I am starving. Send help! I am 55 years old and I am suffocating! My daughter also came here but she passed away due to suffocation. Help us!

Date: Tue-22-12-2016

Father of Marie the Explorer,

Ross Warner.

I was very frightened. I wanted to cry. I dropped the other papers and searched for other things. Fortunately when I opened the other drawer, I found a torch light, a pistol which was quite surprising and a box of medicine. I put the box of medicine and the torch inside my back-pack a the pistol in my other hand. Then I spotted the two dead bodies on the ground. They stunk and they looked frightening. I cried and headed somewhere else.

I found a dressing table with one locked drawer. I opened the other drawers and looked for a key. But all I found were just other bunch of papers. I avoided those and looked for the key somewhere else. I ran out of luck. Then I started to look for it on the floor. Under a little table, I noticed something glinting. I picked it up and I found that it was a key. I quickly headed to the locked drawer and unlocked it. It opened. I saw a huge wooden box with a lock as well. I tried it with the same key and it worked! The box sprang open and there I found was a huge, golden key. I grabbed it and sprinted back to the trap-door. I picked up the old key and unlocked the trap-door after hanging the large golden key on one of my fingers. I slowly opened it as it creaked.

I found all of the girls and the three spectres surrounding me. I stared at everyone and froze. The girls grabbed my hand and dragged me up saying, “We have finally caught you red-handed! Give us that key!” “Or,” I said. “How about this?” I unzipped my back-pack and threw the biggest turkey-sandwich I had onto one of the plates in the dining-table. “Oh my!” said the girls. “Turkey-sandwich! My favourite!” They ran towards it and tried to grab the sandwich, shoving and pushing each other. And so did the spectres. I tip-toed quickly towards the royal-red door and unlocked it with the large key. I quickly got in and locked the door from the inside. “Oh no!” screamed the girls. “She went to the chamber of presents!”