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The germ farm

  • Published at 05:57 pm September 10th, 2016
The germ farm

Washing Hands

Think about the germs in your hands waiting to get straight into your stomach and ruin the rest of your Eid. 20 seconds of hand washing with soap before and after each meal can save you the trouble of staying in bed for Eid.

Power shower

Showers take more time than just washing hands but give more benefits too. Think of the time when your friends smell all fresh with great hair and you still stink. Take a bath, and be shiny and smell nice on the special day.

Fashion show

Now you don’t want to look the same on each of the three days of Eid. It’s good practice to change clothes regularly to avoid germs from building homes in your clothes.

Using those hankies

Fevers and colds are easy to catch this time of the year. When you have a runny nose, or see someone else with a bad cold, sneezing or coughing, grab a handkerchief or stuff some tissues into your pockets. You never know when a booger will appear, and that's just gross.

Easy on the munchies

Moms give out their heart and soul when cooking Eid meals. But when you eat too much of the qurbani meat, it can cause aches in your tummy and make you sick.

Flushing the toilet

After the big meaty feast, it’s time to run to the toilet. When you flush the toilet, germs from the potty could try and escape and jump on your toothbrush, so make it a habit to cover the toilet before flushing.

Brushing your teeth

The big meals of the day leave behind bits of food for your teeth. The evil germs might think you're putting out snacks for them! Cleaning your teeth and flossing it after every meal is a must if you don’t want dentists to poke needles and injections in your mouth. Also, brushing twice a day is important, especially at night!