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Speedy visits the Dead Sea

  • Published at 06:31 pm September 10th, 2016
  • Last updated at 07:05 pm September 10th, 2016
Speedy visits the Dead Sea

It would be the perfect place to relax and cool down in the heat. But since that was not possible he decided to take a trip to a foreign country and visit its sea. Speedy had been to Cox's Bazaar several times before so this time he wanted to try some place different.

Speedy searched several travel websites to find a place with a beautiful sea he can visit. Speedy then came across The Dead Sea in Jordan. What he read about the sea in the website made him very eager to visit. He booked a ticket for himself online and set off for Jordan. He packed all his clothes and also a beach ball because he wanted to play volleyball in the warm sand.

Speedy finally reached Jordan. He couldn't wait to visit the sea so he went there immediately. He learnt from the Internet that The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. The water in Dead Sea is so salty that no fishes or other animals can live there. What he loved the most about Dead Sea was that you can float in the sea and never drown! You didn't even have to have a life-jacket or a tube. He spent his whole day floating in the sea and looking at the clear water of the sea.

It was now time for Speedy to head back home. In his last day at the sea he wished that our Cox's Bazaar was as clean too even though it was as beautiful. Speedy now felt better after cooling off at the sea and enjoyed learning so much about the Dead Sea while he was at it.


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