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Catherine's snowy evening (Part 1)

  • Published at 05:48 pm September 10th, 2016
Catherine's snowy evening (Part 1)

I was enjoying the sight of the friendly snow as it sparkled when it fell to the ground. Claire was lying on the ground and was making a figure of herself. She was running around, throwing a few snowballs at me.

I looked at her and smiled. I made multiple snowballs which I was throwing at her one by one. After that, we kept throwing snowballs at each other which had turned into a snowball fight for quite a little while. We lay on the snow, staring at the fiercely brightening stars. We had made a snowman as well. It was a huge one. But Claire could not resist. We had just finished making the snow man, when a few seconds later, Claire had jumped on it, which had made a huge snow-splash.

About twenty minutes later, we heard our parents calling us, “Catherine, Claire! We have made Christmas dinner for all of us! It will be ready in fifteen minutes!” They said. We rushed inside and exclaimed, “Hooray!” “You two better write letters of what you want for Christmas,” said my Mum. “Then put them inside the lovely red or green coloured envelopes. I’ve kept two of the envelopes on your bedroom table,” Said my Dad. Claire and I rushed to our bedroom and started to write letters of what we had wanted for Christmas. Claire had wanted a princess’s jewellery box with all sorts of ornaments inside. And I had wanted a ring. A ring that is actually magical. A Magical Christmas Ring. After we had finished writing our letters, we had put them inside our envelopes. Claire had chosen the green envelope and I had taken the red envelope. We wrote our names on it then ran outside and posted our letters inside the post box.

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