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Burning bright!

  • Published at 06:04 pm September 10th, 2016
  • Last updated at 06:10 pm September 10th, 2016
Burning bright!

This little experiment is very simple to carry out and is very fascinating.

Equip yourself with a candle, three small to large sized glass jars that fit over the candle, matches, a permanent marker, pen, paper and a stopwatch. Invite a friend or two to share the excitement.

Get an adult to light the candle for you. Start your stopwatch as you place the larger jar over it. Note down the time the candle takes to go out. Do the same with the remaining jars.

Did you notice how the candle burns for a longer time in the larger jar than in the smaller jar? This is because the smaller jar provides the candle with a small supply of oxygen unlike the other jars. Pat yourself! You have successfully demonstrated why we need Oxygen.

Warning: Fire is dangerous, so make sure you have an adult around to help you carry out the experiment