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The boy every dog should have

  • Published at 06:33 pm August 6th, 2016
The boy every dog should have

They have a plan to go to the pyramids, and even meet Leonardo Da Vinci! Using WABAC (WayBack), they wish to go on their amazing adventure.

WABAC is a time machine. Sherman wants to impress his friend Penny, and so decides to use WABAC, which makes a hole in the universe. They fail and bring trouble to the most important days in history. Mr Peabody has to save them before they change everything in the past, present and future! But how will he? He has to face the hardest challenge of all time - being a parent.

It is a funny and interesting movie, with action too! Watch “the dog-father of all comedies,” Mr Peabody & Sherman, by the makers of How To Train Your Dragon and directors of The Lion King. Don't miss it!