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Cinco De Mayo

  • Published at 08:27 pm July 30th, 2016
Cinco De Mayo

He started packing and headed to Puebla, a city in Mexico. And what a surprise he had! The whole city was filled with celebrations for Cinco De Mayo! He didn't know what that was though. He saw a group of men singing happily and dancing while wearing scary painted masks, so Speedy asked one of them what it was all about.

The masked men said, “ Cinco De Mayo is Spanish for May 5, and it is celebrated as a holiday. Here in Mexico, we call this day 'El Día de la Batalla de Puebla,' or The Day of the Battle of Puebla.”

Speedy was excited now, and wanted to know more. He learned that one of the traditions of Cinco De Mayo was having a pinata, an animal-shaped toy filled with chocolates and gifts. The pinata is hung on a wire and you have to break it with a stick to get the gifts. Speedy hit the pinata at his first try and got a lot of gifts and chocolates.

Speedy later wore a sombrero, a Mexican dress, and danced with his new friends in the Cinco De Mayo parade. He also got himself a pair of maracus, a Mexican instrument, and was enjoying himself shaking it to the music.

Speedy finally got to have his favourite Mexican food, like burritos and nachos with salsa. He had a great time, but now it was time for him to go back.

He promised his Mexican friends that he will back again for the next Cinco De Mayo. If you are in Mexico some time around May, be sure to join the festival and have the time of your life!