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Hand-dotted glasses

  • Published at 07:22 pm July 15th, 2016
Hand-dotted glasses

Here’s a fun and interesting way to decorate your glass on your own, without having to ask your mothers to buy you a brand new mug.

What you’ll need:

Colourful acrylic paint Glasses, bottles, jars Cotton buds What to do:

First, gather your materials and select the item that you want to decorate. This could be a glass, a glass bottle, a jar, or anything that you think would be fun to decorate. Use enamel acrylic paint because that will last longer.

Once you have brought out the paint, dip your cotton buds into them and apply dots on the glass surface. Place the dots on the bottom part since this looks nicer.

Make sure you mix lots of colours. Once the paint dries, your glasses will look much prettier than even the ones you find at stores!