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Ella: The courageous princess

  • Published at 07:17 pm July 15th, 2016
Ella: The courageous princess

One day, she went out to pick some blueberries, but alas, got mud on her beautiful dress. Thus she quickly ran back home. When heading back, her mother, the queen, spotted her.

Up on her return, the queen exclaimed, “What do you think you are doing!”

With a sorrowful heart, Ella replied, “Sorry. I was just picking berries.”

The queen was disappointed with her little princess. She thought Ella was not behaving like a princess.

The very next day, the queen along with her four daughters went out to the garden, leaving Ella behind at the palace. Suddenly the kingdom was struck by a mysterious storm. The royal family and all their men was lost.

While Ella was hiding in her secret chamber and praying for the kingdom's well-being, she heard a loud noise and went to the window. She saw that black smoke had covered the garden.

Ella became worried. Without losing her conscience in the tensed situation, the first thing that came to her mind was, “I’ve to save my family and the kingdom.”

She hopped on her horse and made her way towards the garden. On her path, she met a witch who brought the kingdom’s garden under her magical-spell. However, Ella won the fight with her family's legendary sword. Finally, she rescued her family and her people.

It was Ella's courage that helped her win the battle against evil.