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Chotto Khokon

  • Published at 07:08 pm July 15th, 2016
Chotto Khokon

The book is written by Mohammad Jafar Iqbal. It is illustrated by Rumana Sharmin, who is also the paper engineer for the book. The book is published by Da pop-up factory and Dr Yeasmeen Haque owns the copyrights to it.

The story is about a small boy named Khokon whose heroic acts saves the life of a freedom fighter called Manik. Jafar Iqbal tells the story of the young boy from a poor family, who wants to rid the country of the foreign military. His words perfectly portrays the innocent thoughts of a child during wartime and the brutality of the enemies of the time. It also shows how children like Khokon became accustomed to witnessing the burning of the their villages and the act of killing.

The simplicity of village life is captured well with the pop-up of a cow shed surrounded by trees. The pop up of a boat gives a more detailed visual to kids about the story. More pop-ups of the military are found in every page. The last one is of the Jatiyo Smriti Soudho, along with a bit of information about it beside the pop-up as well. The book is informative and interesting to read. Chotto Khokon is perfect for kids who are interested in the liberation war and is worth checking out.

It costs Tk600, and you can find Chotto Khokon and other such pop-up books at bookstores like Pathak Shamabesh and Batighor. You can also get it in the website for Da pop-up factory.

The link is: http://dapopupfactory.com/about/