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I have my own bank mister!

  • Published at 04:45 pm June 17th, 2016
I have my own bank mister!

Well, how about you buy it? You can just save up money and get one yourself!

What you need:

An empty PET (or coke) bottle Acrylic paint Buttons Cardboard paper Paint brushes Scissors Step 1 (needs an adult!)

Cut an empty Coke or Pepsi bottle into three parts of the same size with an anti-cutter. Keep the bottom and the top part only and throw away the middle part.

Step 2 (needs an adult!)

Make a cut in both the parts. Then fit in both the parts into the cut and join them. They should look like a really flattened bottle.

Step 3

Paint the squished bottle you created with acrylic paint and let it dry. After it has dried glue two buttons on both sides for the eyes.

Step 4 (needs an adult!)

Cut the cardboard paper in the shape of ears and legs and glue it to the front of the bottle with the cap and to the bottom. Colour the ears and the legs.

Step 5

Cut a small hole in the top of your piggy bank and you are done! Put all your money in your cute piggy bank! We all know what happens to that money, don't we?