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Getting your groove back

  • Published at 04:57 pm September 27th, 2016
  • Last updated at 05:33 pm September 27th, 2016
Getting your groove back
Vacations are meant to be that much-earned period of time, where you can get away from it all and just relax, do whatever it is you love to do, and basically bask in some well-deserved indulgence. Unfortunately, for most people, vacations may invariably end up doing pretty much the opposite, especially when travelling in a large group or with young children. Having to constantly work with and around the time and body schedules of too many individuals and/or looking after youngsters can pretty much sum up to be the exact opposite of a what was to be a relaxing vacay. Which is why, regardles of however awesome or stressful your recent Eid vacation may have been, here are a couple of pointers that can help with bringing things back into order and get you feeling like your usual fabulous self. Planning a smooth return While the idea of already thinking about the end of your vacation before it actually ends, might not seem like a very desirable piece of advice, it can actually work very well in your favour. The entire process will not take too long of course, and can be specifically scheduled to be done during those pockets of time when you are waiting around being bored anyway. For example, why not get some of the tedious stuff like checking and answering emails out of the way while you're sitting in transit at the airport lounge on your way back? Unless you find yourself in a particularly nondescript airport in some remote location, this task should not be too much of a problem, given that most modern airports have free wifi facilities, especially if travelling business-class. Another way you can put that 'waiting-around' time to good use is by making a list of possible things to do immediately once you're back, like scheduling meetings or making a grocery list to re-stock the empty fridge. These small details, when planned out in a relaxed manner will not only help save time, but phase out way more efficiently than when having to do it all in the last minute. Dealing with jet lag Jet-lag is very much an issue to be reckoned with when travelling long hours across the globe. When you're travelling long distances across time zones by plane, you might suffer from jet lag, which disturbs your internal biological rhythm, causing you to be out of sync with the time at your destination. This can mess with your overall system and lead to a very stressful few days immediately following your vacation. A common rule of overcoming jet lag is to allow for one day of recovery for every time zone you pass through. When we are on vacation mode, it is natural to go completely off the charts, in terms of regularity. We tend to drink more, pig-out at the hotel buffets, sleep till late, stay out in the sun until we begin to resemble a beetroot and basically engage in all sorts of unhealthy activities, because, why not? It is a vacation, after all, and what better time than this to indulge? This is precisely why it is always a good idea to practice the art of having and doing everything in moderation. It is always wise to be aware of the different effects of habits like excessive sleeping and alcohol consumption will have on your body. Even if it is for just the time period of your vacation, these affects may last for a while and contribute towards disrupting your entire body and time schedule as a whole. Alcohol may make you fall asleep quickly, but you don't get into the deeper stages, so you end up sleep deprived. If you watch the amount of alcohol and food you consume, and get to bed at a reasonable hour, and get some exercise, which will help you sleep, you might be able to get rid of your sleep debt. To help alleviate jet lag, stay hydrated; avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine and tobacco; avoid naps for longer than two hours when you reach your destination; and try to make some time for sunshine – spend a few hours outside in the afternoon or an hour outside in the morning to help you adjust.