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Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh and the moon robot

Update : 19 Apr 2013, 06:32 PM

A team of students from Brac University has built a moon excavation robot, called ChondroBot, that has won recognition from NASA. The Brac University team, led by Dr Khalilur Rahman, has been chosen to participate in the prestigious Lunabotics Mining Competition held at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for three years in a row. ChondroBot, the only robot made entirely out of recycled materials, including many rickshaw parts, went head-to-head with other, more expensive robots from around the world. Brac University department of computer science invented the Chandrobot-2 and 3 which has been given artificial intelligence. Photo was taken from Brac University department of computer science laboratory,Mohakhali,Dhaka on 01 April 2013.



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