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Study: Egg cheapest source of protein in Bangladesh

  • Published at 11:51 pm October 14th, 2016
  • Last updated at 11:56 pm October 14th, 2016
Study: Egg cheapest source of protein in Bangladesh
The study, carried out by Prof Shubash Chandra Das of Bangladesh Agricultural University, showed that four eggs give 26 gram of protein, which cost Tk30-40 in the current market, while a 100 gram of Hilsha, goat and beef will give 22, 26 and 25 grams of protein respectively and cost Tk80, Tk65 and Tk50. Another study says 24% of Bangladesh’s women are suffering from long-term malnutrition leading to 92 lakh children struggling with anaemia and stunting. Pointing to these studies, poultry experts in a seminar yesterday said eggs could play a vital role in eradicating malnutrition from Bangladesh. To observe the 21st World Egg Day, Department of Livestock Services (DLS) and Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) yesterday organised a seminar at the National Press Club. In the seminar, discussants said there was a direct relation between healthiness and egg consumption. Fisheries and Livestock Minister Muhammed Sayedul Hoque said in the seminar that the government was working to increase per capita egg consumption to 140 annually. “We do not want to be dependent on imported fish, meat, eggs, and milk. The government is firm on eliminating malnutrition from the country,” he added. Terming eggs a super-food, Ajay Kumar Ray, the director general of DLS, said: “Egg is the cheapest animal protein in the country. For building a healthy nation and meritorious future generation we have to eat more eggs.” In the seminar, Prof Priya Mohon Das of Bangladesh Agricultural University presented the keynote paper that showed poultry eggs contained top quality protein with the presence of all essential amino acids in right ratios which can help the building blocks of the human body, increase muscle mass, lower BP and develop immunity. The eggs can be the major source of protein for pregnant mothers and children. It also contains excellent source of choline which is must for memory and brain development. As 95% brain development happened within five years of birth, Shubash's research suggested pregnant women should have at least one egg a day which will directly help the baby in the womb develop brain functions. Shubash's paper, titled 'Egg: World of good nutrition' also suggests that in Bangladesh, there should be a grading system for fixing the price of eggs similar to other countries. BPICC President Mashiur Rahman urged the government to withdraw import duty on the raw materials for the poultry sector and promote egg consumption in state owned media. Due to the price hike of the raw materials, poultry businessmen are facing losses, he said. He also hoped that in the near future Bangladesh would also experience consumption of eggs in different forms to create a demand for value added items like liquid eggs or powdered eggs.