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Food Habits

  • Published at 08:45 pm June 17th, 2016
Food Habits

When talking about food, you often hear people talk about nutrients. What are nutrients? Why should you eat food with a lot of nutrients?

Nutrients are the things in food that your body needs which allows you to stay healthy and happy. Having healthy eating habits and not eating too much food can allow you to stay fit and to keep up with your friends in school. These nutrients are vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber.

Fruits vs pizza

Fruits contain vitamins and minerals which are needed for you to stay healthy and active. We need vitamins and minerals to help us grow, to see, to make our bones and muscles stronger, skin and organs, as well as to help us fight infections. Not eating food with enough vitamins and minerals can make you very sick. For example, you will have a bad eyesight, if you do not eat food with enough vitamin A.

Pizzas and all the other fast foods which you love contain a lot of oil and grease, which are unhealthy and can make you chubby and unfit.


Proteins build and maintain the tissues in your body. (Not the tissues you blow your nose in! We mean the stuff your body's made up of). Your muscles, organs, and your immune system (fights germs that make you sick) are made up of protein. Fish, beef, eggs, nuts, seeds, and beans all contain the protein you need to stay fit and on top of your class.


An apple a day keeps the doctors away! Apples contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is very important for you because it keeps your washroom activities in control and keeps you healthy so you can eat your favourite foods and enjoy every day. Other rich foods that contain a lot of fiber are bread, cereals, beans, and pears.

Although fruits and meat have the nutrients that you need, eating too much can also be bad. A balanced diet is always needed for you to be healthy and fit, so make sure you eat a little bit of everything the next time you sit to have lunch or dinner.