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Parisian ‘Catwalk on Water’ showcases Asma Sultana’s designs

  • Published at 05:47 pm September 5th, 2018
Jessica Minh Anh fashion show
“Catwalk on Water” in Paris showcases Asma Sultana's collection | Courtesy

Combined with Jessica’s bold and feminine motifs, Zoan Ash created a glamorous atmosphere

The seventh anniversary of supermodel Jessica Minh Anh’s “Catwalk on Water” in Paris was joined by Bangladeshi haute couturier Asma Sultana on Tuesday. 

Jessica’s Autumn Fashion Show 2018 premiered seven innovative fashion collections which included Asma Sultana’s Zoan Ash creations. 

The title “Catwalk on Water” comes from the multi-talented fashion show producer Jessica Minh Anh’s usage of an illusionary platform consisting of a giant glass boat, which gives the effect of walking on water. 

Asma’s heavily embellished and hand-beaded collection illuminated the show. Her collection was inspired by royal warriors. The designer showcased a combination of deep red and black along with royal blue and beige to portray confidence and individuality in each design. 

The signature look from Zoan Ash collection, included one half of a military velvet jacket and another half of an elegant royal gown, completed with a distinctive jewel crown and sword looked stunning on Jessica Minh Anh. The outfit combined with her bold and feminine motifs created a glamorous atmosphere.

Photo: Courtesy

According to the supermodel herself, she described the Zoan Ash collection to be “alluring, captivating and very intriguing”. 

Jessica mentioned the intriguing part was how Asma’s modern touch to the classic silhouettes “perfectly accentuates a woman’s body.” 

When speaking about her decision to showcase Asma’s collection, Jessica said: “Every piece is a work of art heavily influenced by modern craftsmanship. It compliments women’s beauty while showing off their individuality.”

According to her, she cannot think of a better representative of Bangladesh and South Asia for her show. 

Other fashion designers who participated in Jessica Minh Anh’s Autumn Fashion Show 2018 were: Peruvian haute couturier Ani Alvarez Calderon, UAE fashion house Atelier-Zuhra, French luxury jewellery brand De Galluchat, Japanese legend Yumi Katsura, American newcomer Nuriyah, and Vietnamese brand COCOSIN.

Zoan Ash, associated with popular Bangladeshi brand Ecstasy, was founded on November 1, 2015.