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Pond's Bangladesh Fashion Festival June 2016

  • Published at 06:21 pm June 22nd, 2016

Pond's Bangladesh Fashion Festival” will be held on 24-25 June 2016 at Hotel Sarina. The fair will showcase 30 of the most popular Facebook stores among the youth of Dhaka city, and will be open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. Online shopping has recently gained significant popularity in Dhaka over the past two years and at present, over 500,000 women carry out their Eid shopping from Facebook stores. This trend has given rise to several online designer brands, which while being niche, are extremely popular in social media circles. Pond’s believes in inspiring women to have a strong point of view while maintaining their femininity. As a result of this belief, “Pond's Bangladesh Fashion Festival” has been inspired by the idea of assisting aspiring designers to arrange a glamorous fair that would offer an extravagant experience to their clients. While “Pond's Bangladesh Fashion Festival ” is being held primarily to support local businesses, it also serves as a hub where one can meet friends and get the opportunity to meet upcoming artists and budding celebrities like Irin Afroze, Shahtaz Munira etc who often turn up at these events.