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International Turkish Hope School protests Turkish ambassador’s remark

  • Published at 01:56 PM July 18, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:57 PM July 18, 2017
International Turkish Hope School protests Turkish ambassador’s remark
A bird's eye view of the outdoor playground of International Turkish Hope SchoolInternational Turkish Hope School

In response, the school's management committee clarified its position on political, ideological and geopolitical issues

The International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) has protested against a remark made by the Turkish Ambassador to Bangladesh, Devrim Ozturk, who suggested that the school had ties with terrorists.

The ambassador made the above comment on July 15 at a press briefing held during an event organised to mark the first anniversary of the coup attempt in Turkey.

In response, the school’s management committee clarified its position on “political, ideological and geopolitical issues” by publishing an official statement on its website.

The statement says that ITHS solely carries out educational activities and tries “to build its students as educated human beings with moral, social and cultural values and… has no connection to any geopolitical or political or ideological issue/s”.

It also says: “Any statement or declaration passed out by any person, or any organisation, or representative of any organisation or any country, or from any other point whatsoever regarding the operations or activities of this school should be taken as unlawful, immoral, unethical and interfering in the internal affairs of Bangladesh.”

Shahriar Bin Mukhles, the head of cultural and publication affairs of ITHS, told the Dhaka Tribune: “We want to make it very clear that this school has no link to any political, geopolitical or ideological issue. ITHS strongly rejects allegations that imply otherwise.”

He urged the media not to perpetuate any rumours which may directly and negatively affect the reputation, operation and educational environment of the school.

During the event, the Turkish ambassador also requested the Bangladeshi government to take urgent action against the activities of the Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation (FETO) and its affiliates in Bangladesh.

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