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Monsoon makeup tips

  • Published at 05:58 pm September 23rd, 2017
Monsoon makeup tips
As welcome and refreshing as the rain is, it isn’t the best thing for your makeup. Regular makeup doesn't sit well, when wet, and you could even end up looking like Annabelle (that renowned possessed doll). So, unless it's Halloween, let's try to improvise and look flawless this monsoon.   GO FOR A WATERPROOF MASCARA During monsoon, the case of running mascara haunts us, every time we decide to wear a heavy layer of it. Instead, try water-resistant mascaras that will stay for a while without getting smudged when wet.   OPT FOR LONG-LASTING LIP COLOURS A little dash of colour on your lips is a must, this rainy season. However, an average quality lipstick will not survive the monsoon spell. Try going for matte liquid lipsticks that won't smudge throughout the day and make your lips look ravishing!   TRY TINTED MOISTURISERS A waterproof foundation is a must, this humid season! A thin of coat of tinted moisturiser will last much longer than your regular foundation. A BB cream might even do the job!   PRIMER UP, LADIES Primers always give the skin a smooth finish. And a good primer will help keep your tinted moisturiser in place and won't let it melt off, during all that humidity.   CREAM BLUSH FTW While powder blushes are great for the summer, they surely do not stick during the rainy days. Cream blushes, on the other hand, are a bliss during the monsoon.Pick the right shade, wear it, and watch as it sticks with you like your BFF.     Top monsoon hair care tips   Here are a few tips for your hair care during the rainy days:  
  • Stay away from using hair sprays, gels, or mousse.
  • As your hair gets frizzy and dry during this season, oil your hair as frequently as possible.
  • In case you get drenched in the rain, shampoo your hair immediately.
  • Use natural conditioners (home remedies) to condition your hair, in order to keep it from getting dry and unmanageable.