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Young man in Dhaka risks life to save puppy

  • Published at 05:48 pm December 19th, 2019
Screenshot from the video posted by Md Mehedi Alam on Facebook

A video on Facebook showing a young man rescuing a puppy from inside a manhole went viral after the rescuer, Md Mehedi Alam posted it online. 

Mehedi heard the whimpering of a puppy when he was coming back from the mosque after attending the fajr prayer. An animal lover who apparently keeps tabs on the local canine population, Mehedi recognized the puppy when he looked inside the manhole. “It’s from our neighbourhood. It was born only 15 days ago,” he wrote on his Facebook post. 

He immediately sprang into action and asked people around him to dangle him by his leg and lower him into the manhole, that had a very narrow opening. 

“When they lowered me into the manhole I was a bit scared. What if they lose grip? I will fall face down into the sewer water,” he wrote about his experience. 

But he managed to grab onto the puppy and bring it out, as the video shows. The puppy,  terrified but without any visible injury, quickly ran to its mother. 

“Right after I brought it out, it ran to its mother. The mother is taking care of it now. It had been watching what we were doing from a distance,” wrote Mehedi. 

He was struck by how no one jeered at him for wanting to save a dog. “What I loved was that everyone around reacted to this positively. No one laughed at me for going into a manhole for a dog,” commented Mehedi. 

“At least one life was saved,” he wrote.