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ZKTeco’s industry leading wireless facial recognition terminal now available in Bangladesh

  • Published at 03:26 pm December 7th, 2019
D2_December 7, 2019_Pg 2_Horus

Horus series leads the way with high speed visible light facial recognition for making your life run smooth and easy

ZKTeco has recently launched the second-generation facial recognition terminal–Horus series, named after an Egyptian god, who has the legendary ‘all-seeing eye’ that can observe everything, a press release said. 

Horus is one of the most advanced access control and time and attendance terminal existing in the market, with incredibly compact size (almost the same size as iPhone XS max) and powerful facial recognition technology offering up to three meters recognition distance, 30 degree pose angle tolerance, high anti-spoof ability support on plentiful communication protocols including wi-fi, 3G, 4G and Bluetooth. 

Moreover, it comes with an optional fingerprint and RFID card module. The best part of Horus is it can save up to 10,000 facial templates capacity and is compatible with the all-in-one security and time attendance platform ZKBioSecurity and BioTime.