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Adorned goodness

  • Published at 12:12 pm November 17th, 2019
adorned stones
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Stones from the four corners of the globe brought together for luxury wear

What does your gem tell about yourself? That’s a common question that pops up one’s mind when someone picks up jewelry with a gem of their preference. You surely want to look for its specialty. However, do you ever think about where the gems came from? Perhaps not. A shop founded by four gem and crafts enthusiasts tells its customers the story behind its boutique items made from collected gems, leather and stones.

Under the wide glass ceiling of Savva, the upscale rooftop restaurant in Gulshan, Adorn & Co Boutique launched its boutique shop earlier this month. After much hurdles of collecting stones from various locations across the globe and making each item with love into outstanding wears, Adorn & Co Boutique showcased the end products for the public at the launching event. 

No other place than Savva would have done justice to the beautiful assortment showcased at the launch. The place dedicated each corner to represent each region’s beautiful depictions; some with bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, wrist bands, lamps, table runners and even with wall arts, the place was lit up with the bright surrounding from the glass ceiling. 

The guests were constantly served with Savva’s delicacies, the owners kept the event lively by interacting with everyone, as the gleeful and buzzing guests strolled from one corner to another, buying away to their hearts’ content. 

The four friends, more like sisters, Nehreena Azima, Priyanka Serniabat Taj, Mithila Farid and Agnee Khan with completely different backgrounds, joined hands to make a business out the quirky idea of collecting something out of every traveled places and curating them as the most appealing items. “We want to show the world that there is more to just the gems in Istanbul. There is a whole history surrounding it. Minakari is known to be the most ancient jewelry, where in fact, Oreesa was the first jewelry item,” said Priyanka. 

The motto of the friends is to learn about the history and heritage while they travel and collect each precious items.