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Ajo Tapas in Dhanmondi serves food with a philosophy

  • Published at 09:23 pm October 18th, 2019
Ajo Tapas
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Bringing customers the healthy and delicious bowls of Ajo goodness, Ajo Tapas opened its doors to the residents of Dhanmondi earlier this year. With the aim to offer nutritious food in small but filling quantities, Ajo Tapas started the Bengali new year with a bang at Chef's Table, Dhanmondi.

Tapas, meaning small food, is the main inspiration behind this iteration of Ajo, which has another restaurant in Dhaka. With smaller portions of food available, Ajo Tapas wants to standardize healthier eating habits for all.

The deeper idea behind Ajo, according to owner Khaled Mahmud, has always been to serve as a reminder to our true selves. With the use of sustainable materials to serve the carefully curated menu of 24 dishes, in appropriate quantities that are not only healthy, but also satiate the appetite, Ajo Tapas sees itself as a step towards establishing better eating habits for all.

Ajo was first established in Dhanmondi nine years ago, and quickly gained popularity for its unique ambience and quality food. Even though it was re-established as Ajo Idea Space in Uttara, the availability of Ajo Tapas in Dhanmondi has brought back a dedicated fan-base of the restaurant, says the owner.  

The menu ranges from local to foreign cuisines, serving something for everyone. The dishes at Ajo have always been prepared with fresh ingredients, and there is no compromise in terms of quality.

Khaled Mahbub has always opted for environment-friendly methods in all that he does, and it is a value that Ajo holds, too. 

With a no-plastic policy, and meticulous planning in terms of sustainable materials, Ajo sends out a message to all its customers to be wary of their daily actions and their consequences. It's a subtle reminder to make healthier choices for yourself and the environment, with only a few changes in lifestyle. 

Ajo Tapas at Chef's Table, Dhanmondi, is ready to serve you every day from 9am.