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New food platform promises deshi caviar, healthy recipes and more

  • Published at 03:53 pm September 15th, 2019
Live Green

‘We basically cook international recipes with local ingredients,’ says founders

Set to launch this month, Live Green BD hopes to be a one-of-a-kind ‘cloud kitchen.’ 

Functioning as an online food court, the platform will initially feature three restaurants: SmartMeal, LeanON and Box Biriyani. 

After launch, ordering will be available in Gulshan 1 and 2, Banani, Banani DOHS, Baridhara, Baridhara DOHS, and Bashundhara. Customers will be able to order through website, social media or phone. There will be an app available in a few months and the company plans to expand across Dhaka city within two years.

The restaurants provide a variety of healthy food options to customers with a delivery service. Dhaka Tribune spoke with the three owners of Live Green BD, Fahad Kawsar, Gazi Nashek, and Shafqat Chowdhury, to find out more.

Where did you get the inspiration to start this company?

We felt that Bangladeshi diners need healthier food options. Everywhere we looked we only saw oily food, and no healthy option.

What makes live green different from other food outlets?

We source healthy food from local farmers and make international dishes with them. For example, we make caviar with Ilish maach and Boyal maach eggs and provide it at a much lower cost than imported caviar. 

We basically cook international recipes with local ingredients.

What makes your food healthy?

First of all we cook with unsaturated fat. We mostly use olive oil and also mustard oil, unsaturated ghee and kalijira oil. 

At the same time we source our food from farmers who grow food in a healthy and clean way. We only use pesticide free vegetables, organic beef and clean fed fish. Our eggs also have twice the usual amount of zinc. 

Our motto is ‘HERE’: healthy, easy, reasonable and ethical.

Tell us about a few of your special items.

Two of our special items are: ‘A star is born’ and ‘Bijoy Sharani’.

‘A star is born’ is a slow cooked jerk chicken with steamed rice, baby spinach salad, grilled mozzarella and sweet papaya. 

‘Bijoy Sharani’ is a fish fresh out of water grilled with flame, pulled together with beautiful charred vegetables and the ‘Hulk’ sauce containing mint, dhoniapata and spices.

How do you ensure the quality of your food?

We employ passionate young people who love to cook. We make sure that food is handled and processed in a healthy and clean way from the farms to our kitchen. 

Our chief development officer is a trained chef from London who ensures quality and supervises the cooks and chefs.