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A party on the tastebuds

  • Published at 01:35 pm September 15th, 2019

We tried some of the popular items off the Farmhouse Burger menu

Arriving at the swanky Bay building at 23, Gulshan Avenue, you are greeted by the bust of a bull in lieu of signage. That’s your first clue that you’re at the right place. Stepping down to the hip and funky basement level, you find foosball tables set before a vivid graffiti style wall mural and an outdoor seating area. The glass doors open, leading you to a warm, inviting space. The low mood lighting and dark panelling is relieved by pops of bright neons. You have arrived at Farmhouse Burger, currently the most talked about burger joint in Dhaka.

The past two decades have seen a restaurant boom in Dhaka, and although this means our palates have expanded, it also means that many businesses have tried to stay afloat by cutting corners – resorting to expired, adulterated food, working in unhygienic kitchens, scrimping on ingredients to be able to afford to offer lower prices than their competitors. Award-winning restaurateur Nafees Alam is bringing 15 years worth of experience in the Food and Beverage industry in Dallas, Texas (USA) back to his home country. Along with his wife Nadia Khan, he envisions Farmhouse Burger as a ‘return to form’.

What Farmhouse Burger offers is a simple, fuss-free menu of burgers, sides and shakes, with an emphasis on freshness and quality. Most of the ingredients are imported from the US. The brioche buns are baked daily at the restaurant, using eggs, butter, and flour, and all the sauces are made from scratch daily as well. Only the freshest meats from Bengal Meat and German Butcher are used, and never frozen. 

Armed with that knowledge, we decided to try some of the diner’s more popular items.

The burgers

FHB offers a wide selection of burgers to suit almost every palate. The menus has 7 burgers: 5 beef, 1 chicken and 1 vegetarian.

The Farmhouse

The house burger features chipotle (smoked jalapeno peppers) sauce, vine-ripened tomatoes, green leaf lettuce and sweet red onion, accompanying smoky, char-grilled beef. A juicy, meaty mouthful, it’s a lot of burger for a burger, and manages to satisfy without any pretentions. If you’re craving a good no-fuss burger, this is the one for you.

Hot Chick

Ultra crispy crispy, panko-breaded chicken breast is tossed in New York-style hot pepper and vinegar buffalo sauce, drizzled with house-made srirarcha mayo, served with fresh green lettuce and tangy pickle slices. If you prefer your burgers with chicken instead of beef, this complex medley of flavour and texture is sure to be a real treat.


This is the one that makes it to those FOMO-inducing Instagram posts, and features the house-made Italian black summer truffle sauce over the grilled beef. Garnished with lettuce, tomato and red onion, this luxury burger feels, well...rich. This isn’t your go-to burger; the earthy aromas and the fanciful interplay of savoury and fresh flavours, not to mention the price tag, makes this the burger you order on a special occasion, to celebrate, or impress a date. 

Special mention: 

Although not part of the main tasting, we went back to try two more burgers, the El Gringo, which is the only burger on the menu with cheese and mustard, and is definitely a favourite, and The Hipster, a vegan option with falafel patties, tzatziki sauce and hummus, which has a very Middle Eastern taste, and is certainly an interesting experiment.

The sides

Farmhouse Burger has four types of fries and two additional sides. At this point in the tasting, we were already bursting from the burgers, so we tried two of the sides

Truffle Fries – The top seller is a luxe upgrade on your regular fries, with truffle oil, parmesan and chopped parsley. 

Mac & Cheese – An American staple, the Macaroni pasta sits on a rich creamy bed of cheddar-parmesan sauce, jalapeno and crispy onions

The Barnyard shakes

Farmhouse Burger offers 5 signature shakes and 3 classic flavours.

The Nutty Italian – A rich, creamy Nutella shake with whipped cream, this one was definitely a favourite for yours truly

The Elvis – If you ever wondered what it would be like to drink a peanut butter jelly sandwich, think no more. A hugely satisfying peanut butter shake, it sits on a scoop of grape jelly and is topped off by whipped cream.

Cereal Killer – This one is bound to be a hit with kids. A basic vanilla shake is given a fun upgrade with cereal milk, and added texture from crumbled fruit cereal

With good, solid food, a warm ambience, and a hugely Instagrammable decor, Farmhouse Burger is definitely worth a try.