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Are you using safety features offered by ride sharing services?

  • Published at 07:18 pm August 9th, 2019
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Here’s some of them available with Uber

Just a few years back, the concept of ridesharing was quite foreign to us. Today, however, it has become a part of the daily commute for most Dhakaites as well as people in other cities. Whenever we feel like moving together in a group or alone we choose ridesharing to be our commute friend, but do we know all the features that a ridesharing platform offers?

For instance, Uber has several safety features that most of the riders as well as drivers don’t know. 

Safety Toolkit: Uber has “Safety Toolkit” -- a consolidated and comprehensive set of in-app features for both riders and driver-partners in Bangladesh. For riders the toolkit enables sharing a trip with up to 5 loved ones, and access national emergency 999 service.

Drivers’ safety toolkit also enables them to use share trip and emergency button. The toolkit also alerts them if the vehicles exceed the speed limit. 

Insurance: Both rider and driver can claim insurance protection if there’s any unwanted accident on trip.

Phone anonymization: Phone anonymization is a safety precaution, ensuring that the privacy of both rider and driver partner is protected at all times. This is done by using a software to connect calls that anonymizes both mobile phone numbers.

Besides these, there are also other features like GPS tracking, verified contacts, Two-way feedback system, etc.

Uber authority provides services in over 700 cities worldwide. In Bangladesh, Uber is one of the most popular companies in the ridesharing industry, currently serving the people of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet with a wide range of products: Uber Moto, X, XL, Premier, Hire and Uber Intercity. Uber Bangladesh is also providing its riders and driver partners with different safety features including insurance coverage if there’s any mishap while on trip.