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Crash the party

  • Published at 06:17 pm July 27th, 2019

Captain kathal’s solo debut

After a couple of heavy – albeit timely and necessary – issues of Ms Shabash, Mighty Punch Studios have switched to a lighter, more comic note, right in time for Dhaka Geek Convention. That’s right, the gruff, moody Captain Kathal, who made his first appearance in a showdown versus Mighty Punch’s flagship superhero Shabash in Shabash #7, finally has his own comic, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The premise of this one is fairly simple: it pits the jackfruit powered vigilante against a notorious gang of ‘molom party’ mobsters, and in between dealing out some serious hurts, the Captain must search his soul to see if there’s a line he won’t cross.

The Studio switched things up by working with artists Oishik Jawad and Junaid Iqbal Ishmam, and Mosharraf Hossain Nipu for the colouring, and the result is a grungier, darker, but still identifiably Mighty Punch look than the Shabash and Ms Shabash comics. Captain Kathal is, in all likelihood supposed to be the moody, broody Batman to Shabash’s goofy Spiderman, and the current art did a good job of taking the earlier, blockier prototype and chiseling him into a lean, well-muscled, frankly crushable character.

Samir Asran Rahman is in his element in this one, taking a simple story and adding humorous flourishes and outrageous gags to make this one entertaining read. There’s also a guest appearance that warms the heart, but that’s as close to a spoiler as this review gets.

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