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Strokes by Master Nuhan

  • Published at 04:05 pm July 15th, 2019

Young artist

Calm by nature, Nuhan Abdullah’s magical eyes speak of his divine persona.  Inspired mostly by his surroundings, Nuhan’s canvas illustrates the story of sibling weighing flower from pond, a fisherman fetching fish from river or picking any object be it a toy or animal. On a recent visit to his grandparents’ home, Lakshmipur, the six year old spent good timesafter discovering a wooden go-cart. Within the next few days, his innocent soul showed his fondness to this toy by painting it. 

Starting to take drawing lessons from last year, Nuhan has won a bunch of awards, national and international for his vivacious works. One of his significant international successes is attaining gold medal at the World Children’s Drawing Competition – Sofia, Bulgaria 2018.

The student of  grade one at Daffodil International School, loves applying different methods of coloring. “For background, I use water colour, and I prefer to use pastel colour for the subjects of the drawing”, said Nuhan. His fondness for blue and green is prevalent in his artworks. However, he knows how to use these colours deftly so that the entire piece of work gets a touch of coherence.