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Sehri Tales

  • Published at 03:44 pm May 26th, 2019
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The Sehri Tales Challenge is a writing challenge devised by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad in 2016. 

The goal is to compose a fresh piece of prose, poetry or nonfiction upon waking up for the pre-dawn meal during Ramadan, and complete it before Fazr. This year, Litmosphere, one of the largest online book clubs in the country are participating in the challenge. Here are some of the top entries for this week.


by Marwa Kazi Mohammed

Trigger warning: Rape, molestation

I was raped when I was 8, for a year.

When I understood what happened, I was 13.

It was too late, I had no proof. It was a child's word against an adult's. I had no way to win.

I was scared of men, buses, being out in the world. I found comfort in hiding from everything,everyone.I was losing myself to someone else's crime, drowning. I wasn't winning.

Maybe it was a gift from God, compensation from life, or maybe, just maybe, it was strength I didn't know I had, until I had to have it; but something inside me desperately wanted to win.

So I forced myself into debate tournaments no matter how hard it was to breathe for me around men. I read until I had my own world to be safe inside. I wrote until my hands were sore and my heart couldn't possibly feel anymore. I went to a million competitions; I learned a million things from a million workshops. I made male friends, and one day I forgot they were men.

I gave a speech without trembling for the first time at the age of 17.

I finally rode a bus by myself without breaking down for the first time at the age of 19.

I fell in love for the first time at the age of 20.

I am okay with baring myself to the world, completely and unapologetically, for the first time, now.

I won, I finally won.


by Amimul Ihsan‎ 

Name : Md. Amimul Ihsan

Uni : Islamic University of Technology

Uni ID : 132401

Out of 4.00

1st Semester GPA: 3.19

2nd Semester GPA: 2.84

3rd Semester GPA: 3.82

4th Semester GPA: 3.84

5th Semester GPA: 3.94 (Top 5)

6th Semester GPA: 3.84

7th Semester GPA: 3.95 (Top 5)

8th Semester GPA: 3.87

Cgpa after first two : 3.02

Cgpa after all eight: 3.65

Cgpa of last four: 3.91 (By credit, not just average)

It's never too late to turn your fate. It's never too late to salvage your dream. I refuse to give up. It's not over until I say it's over.

I hope this inspires you to push a bit harder today. You got this.


by Sadia Islam Preety

To Son: Go out and enjoy. Boys shouldn’t be at home all the time.

To Daughter: Stay at home. The outer world isn’t safe for you.

To Daughter: Hold a firm grip over your in-laws and rule on them.

To Daughter In Law: Stay within your limits. Don’t try to snatch our son from us.

To Mother: Don't giveaway everything to brothers' wives. It's your own family. 

To Mother In Law: You are aged now. You don't need to interfere much in household things.

To Girlfriend: I will give you full freedom. I am not like other people. 

To Wife: I earn smart enough. You don't need to work outside.

To 12 yrs Daughter: Dear, I have made a special dish for you. 

To 12 yrs Maid: Listen, finish the previous dish first.

One person, but so many turns and sides. Isn’t it?


by Marwa Kazi Mohammed

“He died from blunt force trauma to the head.”

I could feel her shiver in my arms. Monica could never hide how she felt. She was scared, shocked.

"Mon, I'm sorry," I tell her as I drive her home.

"I wanted him out of my life, but not like this Anna, not like this," her sobs break into tears.

“This isn't your fault, Mon. Trust me."

Because it’s mine. I couldn't keep letting him destroy her. She's more than my best friend. I love her. And I knew how he was pressuring her for sex. It hurt so much when she told me. If only she'd listen when I told her to leave him. If she had listened to me I wouldn't have had to kill Jacob, or Caleb. I always tell her that I don't like anyone with her, because she's mine, just mine. 

At least with Roland, I had a reason and no guilt.

He was pressurizing her, playing with her head. So I pressurized his head. With two rocks—I relished how his brains spilled out.

Then I put him in his car, drove it towards east and stepped out to let the rest happen. I had gotten better with practice. It was beautiful. It had to be. After all, it is a crime of passion.

“Thank God for Anna. How else would I get rid of guys so seamlessly without using her” Monica smirked in her head as she wiped away the glycerine from her cheeks.


by Ariha Arif

Arham: my mom watches this lame program called "Sultan Suleiman", which is the cringiest show ever.

Arham's mom to other moms: Arham doesn't study nowadays—always busy watching this strange program called "Game of Thrones".