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The good Samaritans

  • Published at 03:19 pm May 18th, 2019
Bond of Humanity
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School kids working for the cause of humanity

A children’s group—‘Hope of Humanity’ held a street campaign to observe the effort put in by people who are engaged in day labour. The event saw the distribution of food and mineral water among more than 200 people. The group is moved by their hard work, resilience, and motivation to earn. 

They believe acts of empathy and kindness like providing a day’s meal to those who work on the streets endlessly and often thanklessly, such as the rickshaw pullers, is not the solution to ending hardship but can help to minimize it. With a focus on street children and workers who live hand to mouth, Bond of Humanity is most active in areas of Lalmatia, Asadgate, Panthapath, Green Road, Dhanmondi, and Mirpur road.

‘Bond of Humanity’ is a charitable organization comprised of a bunch of school and college students. The group of fifteen volunteers from different institutions—such as Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, Government Laboratory High School, Mohammadpur Government High School, BSCIR, Dhanmondi Ideal College, Bangladesh German Technical Training Center and so on—have come together and founded this organization with the aim to help the needy and the helpless people of the society.  As the name suggests, their mission is to work for the cause of humanity.

Their journey started from October 25, 2017—also the date of marking their first event, which was organized at Suhrawardi Uddan. Free lunch was provided to a hundred homeless people. But there were many more hungry mouths to feed and consequently, many more community events were held till date. “Our 2nd event was at Chandrima Uddan where we provided lunch as our first event but this time we distributed food among 200 people,” said one student Afsar Ahmed Dipto, an active Bond of Humanity member.

One more event was organized at an orphanage where clothes were distributed among the 40 children of the orphanage before Eid-Ul-Fitr.  The children’s group had also sponsored the annual study tour for an institution that supports the learning of children with visual impairment at the National Zoo, chaperoned the students there, demonstrating a remarkable amount of empathy and responsibility that was highly appreciated by the beneficiary group. 

“Our main goal is to do something for people in precarious and challenging working conditions in a meaningful way that dignifies them as humans instead of machines,” said one student when asked about the purpose of the work. They shared that the volunteers themselves save some money from their pocket-money, raise a donation from parents from time to time, and collect from anyone who wants to give.  When adequate funding is raised, the street heroes launch another campaign, standing beside those who most need it.