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Ramadan Planner

  • Published at 04:29 pm May 5th, 2019
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Immaculate strategies to prepare yourself for the Holy month of Ramadan

Waking up at dawn to make a fast and lazing around whole day on bed until the time comes to break it—is not Ramadan. The virtues that are to be practiced by any Muslim, such as, reading the Quran, lending a hand to the unfortunate, embracing the sufferings of the poor, refraining from vices, and indulging oneself in good deeds—all with an inclination for redemption—are vital practices during this holy month. Indubitably, Ramadan is the special month that spiritually grows a Muslim and brings them closer to the Almighty. 

While you are already accustomed to a certain lifestyle, commitment to perform all the religious rituals on top of it, constantly for thirty days, may seem a lot to take from your own plate. In the whirlwind of all these activities, it is easy to err or falter—and let’s not blame anyone for it; it humanly does not become possible to keep track of all things. 

Constructive planning of time is the ultimate simplification of life. “To make your Ramadan easier” Shazia Chowdury has brought upon a booklet consisting of the necessary Ramadan guidelines and checklists, to perform dutifully and tick off from your committed religious practices. 

The booklet consists of the hundred names of Allah, some verses of Quran and online links of authentic duas with easy translations. It has religious supplications, rules about Zakat, tips of making the best of Laylatul Qadr, Do’s and Don’ts during fasting and many more. Along with these, it has sequel of prayers that are necessary to be prayed. 

However, It isn’t merely a booklet, but an interactive planner, which in Shazia’s words, “helps one to connect” with the journey of Ramadan. From the page of Day 1 till Day 30—it contains the Surrahs, duas and, the sequel of the prayers for each day. Aside from that, it also asks questions, for instance, ‘what you learnt today, what you ate today, if you helped any poor, how you overcame a difficulty today’. If one engages with the planner every day, he/she will be able to emphasize on the routine of practices that they want to keep up with. 

The booklet also enables you to understand yourself better. By penning your frustration, your ability, your necessity—all can be determined and overcome only through the flow of your thoughts on the paper. Most South Asian people write morning journals, where they read the writings of their previous day and then start their day overflowing their thoughts. By writing, this subconscious mind explores to comprehend their current stage in life. 

Likewise, with the division of the simple planning strategy in the booklet, you not only learn and associate with the religious rituals; at the end you are able to understand how far you’ve been able to effectively perform all the activities. It will allow you to engross yourself meaningfully to the tasks, rather than making it feel like a chore. This resolute check list and reflective thought should be the easiest guide to your Ramadan planning. 

With a planner that consists of all the religious guidelines and translations, you might be unsure if all the information contained is authentic. Like most of us, being a progressive Muslim in the making, Shazia was once a non-active religion performer. By the year 2014, when Shazia enlightened herself with the religious morals she started learning Tajbeer, Makrah and then teaching Arabic to her students. She found solace in the knowledge she gathered and the life she started living again, binding with the religious performances. 

She expanded her religious knowledge through writing for 15 international websites. Within the hustle and bustle of life working as a freelance writer and running her own NGO ‘Get to Know Them’, people came forward to Shazia for counsel and authentic duas. 

During Ramadan, one has to look for several different books to read specific duas. “To make Ramadan easier for people”—Shazia composed a booklet comprised of all the names and links of authentic duas, along with the knowledge of Islamic teachings she has already gathered, saving  people from the hassle of ‘googling for uncertain-authentic duas and digging several books’.

As a person who lives life in a strict punctuality, Shazia put in all the necessary information, with constructive planning and simplified translation “instead of using Shakespearean language, which people are not able to fully comprehend the meaning”. Finally upon making a draft she shared it amongst her friends for a trial. And the feedback was immense. Mounted with demands, Shazia set out to distribute the Ramadan planner amongst the masses. Since Ramadan 2017 she had placed orders for the booklet, and lucky for all, it will be available for this Ramadan too!

To avail for the Ramadan Planner at TK600, knock Shazia Chwodhury at Facebook or Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/shaziachowdhury/