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Signs from you puppy!

  • Published at 06:23 pm March 24th, 2019
pet love
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Pet love

Your puppy drools a lot

Puppies drool when they are either relaxed or stressed. Don’t be concerned if he/ she tries to sit in a corner, tongue out, and panting. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, as well as heat. All you can do is let him/her get down to a calm state by him/her self, before you feed or exercise with him/her.

Another case of excessive drooling is when you take your dog for a ride in the car. Well, with so much to see and smell, a moving car is a bulk of information for your dog to take in. Don’t worry if there is a little bit of vomiting as well. You need to take some time and get him/her used to it. For an example, go for a short ride, maybe a spin around the corner and call out his or her name to distract it from over stressing, which is when it goes in it’s relaxed state and tongue out, drools all over your car seat. Take time and make the trips shorter if required. I’m sure at some point the dog will adjust gradually. 

He/she's howwwling! 

A howling puppy/dog is one that is concerned and calling you. If door bells ringing or a knock on the door makes him/her  howl, it means you’ve been alerted. If your puppy is not reacting to a door bell, it’s probably hungry or wants to play, depending on the time of the day and the time you feed your dog/pup daily. 

Your puppy doesn’t eat

Stress and anxiety is common in pups in a new environment or unfavourable circumstances. If the problem persists for 3 days or more, see a vet. Worms can also cause trouble with eating, in which case, a simple de-worming injection at the vets will solve the problem. Give your pup apple cider vinegar with water (two table spoons in a cup of water). Apple cider vinegar helps increase appetite.  

Your puppy tucks it's tail while interacting with other dogs

If your puppy is unsocial, you may want to correct that. Socializing your puppy with another dog will help give him/her more activity to relieve his or her stress and anxiety.  Try to get an owner with a calm and submissive dog and introduce the two. 

Potty training gone down the drains

Has your puppy forgotten his/her potty spot? Well, blame anxiety for it. Maybe your puppy needs a reminder or maybe you need to relocate the spot. Whatever it is, adapt with your puppy requirements and go for as little change as possible, but change after it has settled. Place the potty later on, at the spot you want him/her to do it. Sometimes dogs change habits to get our attention, so why not give it some love, and spend some time retraining. The results will come sooner than before.

Exercise your pup! 

Exercise your puppy, so you can help relieve built up tension in your dog. Does your dog often run all through the house bumping into furniture and what not? Well it is a tell tale sign that your dog needs exercise. Walk your dog, use a treadmill to walk it, or take it to other dogs to play with. There is plenty you can do to help relieve built up tension.