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In loving memory of Tania Khan

  • Published at 06:14 pm March 17th, 2019
Tania Khan
Photo: Nusrat Nitol

Animal researcher and wildlife photographer, Tania Khan, was found dead at her residence in the Kalenga area of Moulvibazar district on Wednesday morning. She was 45. 

The nature and environment conservation professional lost her husband, Forest Range Officer M Munir, in a road accident in 2015. Since then, she has been living in Moulvibazar for her inclination to nature and wildlife conservation.

I met the couple through Facebook in 2012. We shared a love for wildlife, which is eternal.

Tania had an MA in English. Both had very little to do with wildlife, as is the case with most of the forest department people in Bangladesh.

Munir passed away in April 2016, and I was in his home in Sunamganj to bury him there.
I met Tania March 5 and 6 2019. She breathed her last today.

Both Munir and Tania have spent most of their lives searching for, taking pictures of and reporting new species of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, along with hosting and even accompanying students, teachers, researchers and officials in their house.
After Munir passed away, Tania devoted her time to saving orphaned wildlife. 

I have never seen such a couple, who are so dedicated to saving wildlife in Bangladesh. This is a loss that is not going to be fulfilled by anybody in the near future.

Let's pray to the Almighty for the departed soul so that He ensures their place in heaven and gives courage to their children to overcome this difficult time.

Dr Reza Khan is a principle wildlife specialist at Dubai Safari. He wrote this note as a tribute to the acclaimed wildlife researcher Tania Khan, who passed away on March 13.