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Upgrading your two-wheeler

  • Published at 04:39 pm February 18th, 2019
Upgrading your two wheeler
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The need for more speed

Motorcycling is now beyond a hobby, and brings about a lifestyle change for anyone who is willing to tag along for the ride. Riders experiment with a vast number of products to enhance the performance of their engine. Let’s a take a look at some of the options we have to upgrade the performance of your motorcycle engine.

Muffler change

A muffler change can very easily boost your engine's top speed. A free flow exhaust system along with supporting parts (mentioned below) will give your bike, better air flow. The more air it pushes out from your engine, the faster it will run. A low hummer is preferable in case you’re planning on announcing your arrival everywhere you go. Basically, the quicker the air comes out, the quicker the air goes in as well. 

And a muffler with less resistance will make your bike run faster.

Air filter change

K&N is one of the most costly air filter speed parts available in the country. But you can find replicas for a much lower cost than that. In my experience, a mushroom head air filter is the best modification you can have, to allow a big gulp of air in though your carburetor. 

However, there will be a decrease in mileage, as more fuel will be entering your engine. The torque will significantly increase if you use a mushroom head. But be advised: If the new air filter does not attach properly with your engine, dust may enter the carburetor and damage it. And we know the cost and trouble of cleaning a carburetor is another hassle. 



Your bike’s entire electronic system is mainly controlled by the CDI. CDIs are available in the market especially if you do a thorough search in shops in Bangshal. However, suitable racing CDIs are not always available. And different bikes have different configurations, so you might want to skip this bit.

Chain sprocket

A teeth count can do you a lot of help. Front and rare sprockets with more teeth can increase speed and accuracy in terms of throttle. This too, requires a thorough search in the market to find the suitable one for your bike. 

So there you go, guys; these were our overall tips for motorcycle upgrades for today. We highly recommend you keep your stock set up for the bike. Your motorcycle community knows better what’s best for your bike, you will always face difficulty matching parts if/when you start modifying. However, if you have come across an old bike you want to upgrade, you have the above mentioned options to play around with.