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New Facebook feature will let you add music to your profile

  • Published at 06:04 pm October 25th, 2018
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The feature is a throwback to Facebook's former rival MySpace

Facebook is working on a new feature that will let users add songs to their profile.

The feature, which Facebook plans to start testing soon, will let users showcase music in their profiles. These songs will either appear in a dedicated "music" section, or at the very top of user profiles if the user “pins” a song, according to Mashable.

With this, people who visit your profile will be able to listen to part of a song and view photos of the artist. These songs will also link to the artist's Facebook page. There will be "millions" of songs available, according to Facebook. The company has not disclosed how long it will take for the feature to roll out broadly.

Songs added to your profile will visually showcase the artist and track you choose | Facebook

A similar feature was incredibly popular on Myspace over a decade ago. There were several iterations of music players for Myspace profiles, and users could showcase their favorite songs on their profiles.

Over the years, Facebook has adopted many features that were originally introduced by its competitors. The biggest example of this is perhaps Facebook stories, which was inspired by Snapchat stories.