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Study: Bald men are more dominant and successful

  • Published at 02:23 pm October 5th, 2018
bald feature photo
Jason Statham, Vladimir Putin and Steve JobsAFP, Reuters

Men of mane are at a disadvantage

A study has concluded that bald men are perceived to be more dominant, taller, and stronger than men with a fine head of hair.

According to the findings of the study, bald CEOs are no coincidence; executives who look powerful tend to lead more profitable companies, hence bald men could be frontrunners for high ranking positions.

In the study led by Albert E Mannes, 59 participants were shown a set of pictures of men with full heads of hair, and another set of pictures of the same men with digitally shaved heads.

Mannes found that participants rated the bald versions of the men as taller and stronger than they actually were. Interestingly, making the men bald gave them an extra inch in perceived height.

The bald versions were also perceived to be more dominant, masculine and confident. [Editor's note: Here's looking at you, boss]

Bad news for people with bald patches though; men with heads that were not completely bald were rated as less attractive and weaker.

We suggest shaving your head if bald patches start to show, problem solved.