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Dhaka Comicon Express: Short and sweet

  • Published at 08:18 pm September 28th, 2018
Dhaka Comicon Express 2018Sadia Mumtahna/ Dhaka Tribune

The organizers scaled the event down due to a number of reasons, but it is still just as fun

Dhaka Comicon Express saw a great turnout on its first day; the top floor of Midas Center in Dhaka was packed with pop-culture enthusiasts.

Dhaka Comicon Express is different from the usual Dhaka Comicon that has been taking place at least once every year since its inception in 2012.

Saadi Rahman, founder of Dhaka Comicon said: “Dhaka Comicon is usually held in winter, and it is a larger event. It is held in a larger venue, with live music and some additional activities that we are missing here. 

However, this being an election year, we are expecting a lot of political events. Under these circumstances, it can get difficult to book a big venue and hold a large-scale event. But the fans love Dhaka Comicon and expect it every year, we can’t let them down.”

Essentially, the “Express” version of Dhaka Comicon is the same as the regular one, sans the large venue and live music. The event featured cosplay competitions, artwork exhibitions, artists’ corner, pop culture merchandise booths, comic book panels, K-Pop shows, arcade games, live DJ performance and more.

Juditha Ohlmacher’s LEGO replica of the Bangladesh Jatiya Sangsad was on display at the event as well. Juditha spent a whole year recreating the Jatiya Sangsad, complete with miniature trees peeking from inside the main plaza.

Juditha Ohlmacher's LEGO Bangladesh Jatiya Sangsad | Sadia Mumtahna/ Dhaka Tribune

Kazi M Noor, Dhaka Comicon event co-ordinator said: “We’re really happy with the turn out. People are having a lot of fun, there are some great cosplays this year.”

Events such as these are possibly the only outlet for cosplay in Bangladesh, many people dressed up as their favourite characters. Seeing colourful wigs and eccentric outfits is one of the most fun aspects of attending Dhaka Comicon.

On the event page, the organizers declared: “DCC Express is an effort to weave the magic of Dhaka Comicon across different parts of the city/country via mini comic cons.”

When asked where and when the next “mini comic con” will be held, Kazi M Noor said: “It’s going to be a surprise.”

Dhaka Comicon, the organization behind one of the major comic conventions of Bangladesh, is hosting Dhaka Comicon Express at Midas Center through the weekend of September 28 -29. The event is jointly sponsored by Daraz and Meena Bazar.