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Sexually frustrated dolphin causes French beach ban

  • Published at 05:12 pm August 28th, 2018
A dolphin jumps in the Mediterranean sea, on June 11, 2018.  AFP
A dolphin jumps in the Mediterranean sea, on June 11, 2018AFP

French coastal town bans bathing on beaches thanks to a lustful dolphin

A love-lorn dolphin has prompted a French coastal town to ban bathing on its beaches, fearing people may be hurt by the antics of the over-excited mammal.

Roger Lars, mayor of Landevennec, on the western tip of Brittany, issued a ban on voluntarily approaching within 50 metres of the dolphin and outlawed bathing and diving from the district's beaches whenever the animal is spotted in local waters, reports AFP.

The move was made on the basis of advice from marine specialists after the visibly excited 10-foot dolphin -- nicknamed Zafar -- bumped against boats and bathers, he said.

"I issued the decree to ensure safety... Several bathers were really afraid -- he even lifted up a woman bather with his snout," Lars told the local newspaper Ouest France.

The ban took effect on August 20.

Beachgoers and children were very fond of him, and he would let swimmers grip onto his dorsal fin and go for a ride with him.

But the mammal changed a few weeks ago and has been scaring the tourists and swimmers as he was seen trying to rub up against kayaks and other small boats in a state of sexual arousal. 

The dolphin also tried to prevent several swimmers from getting back to the beach and used its nose to lift up a female swimmer.

According to the scientists dolphins reproduce, and may mate at any time of the year. They also express sexual attractions towards other species including humans.