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'Hingshe hoy?’ and the infamy of Sefuda

  • Published at 01:14 pm August 28th, 2018
Screenshot from a video featuring Sefat Ullah SefudaCollected

The viral Sefat Ullah Sefuda and his impact on Bangladeshi popular culture

It takes very little to become viral on the internet. A photo can go viral pretty easily, a video even more so. Facebook has become a new platform of legitimate viral content, eclipsing other platforms like the now-defunct humour powerhouse Vine. One Bangladeshi’s use of Facebook videos had been creeping across social media with little fallout or public proliferation, until recently.

Sefat Ullah, alias Sefuda, is arguably the most referred social media icon in Bangladesh now. Videos featuring Sefuda have been circulating on Facebook for months now. Only recently have they become unavoidably viral. 

His dalliance with the spotlight began with his vulgar language and penchant for discussions while inebriated, often holding liquor. He frequently disparages Bangladesh in general, referring to the people as “gorib.” He gabs about fornication and prostitution, the both often linked together. In addition, he shows a remarkable absence of restraint when unleashing vitriolic tirades against political figures. Furthermore, his vlogs have a tendency of self-aggrandizing. All in all, things that many people would love to do, if not for the fear of condemnation. Watching him run his mouth without any restraint has been described as vicarious pleasure by a number of avid followers.

The news media reports on Sefat Ullah all seem to uniformly lambast him for his pernicious speech, embittered demeanour, and mostly trash-talking Bangladeshis.

Yes, his impact on social media has grown to memes, parody videos and fan-made videos. Even a full length song titled “Mod Kha Song” has been produced in his honour. The #4 trending app in the Entertainment section of Google’s Play Store is the Sefuda Soundboard.

His peculiarities have made him a viral sensation in Bangladesh. It is akin to an inside joke, but the whole country is in on it. Needless to say, the Bangladeshi people are amused, at least, mostly.

Sefuda Soundboard app on Google Play | Screenshot

Since all our efforts to contact him have been rendered moot, we can only comment on what others have been able to discover about him. There are numerous fan pages and fake accounts bearing his name on Facebook, most of which seem to have spawned overnight.