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Momtaz sings ‘Debi’ song ‘Doyel Pakhi Konna Re’

  • Published at 08:16 pm August 25th, 2018
'Doyel Pakhi Konna Re'
A scene from the new 'Debi' song

The first song from the highly anticipated film “Debi” was released on YouTube on Saturday, August 25. The Jaya Ahsan-Chanchal Chowdhury starrer is the first movie based on Humayun Ahmed’s beloved creation Misir Ali.

Popular singer Momtaz sang the song “Doyel Pakhi Konna Re,” which was written by Rakib Hasan Rahul and composed by Pritom Hasan.

The music video depicts a “Gaye Holud” ceremony of a girl, who doesn’t play any major role in “Debi.” It’s hard to tell whether the video resembles anything from the movie, as it differs vastly from the visuals of the official teaser trailer released on April 15. 

About halfway into the video, we get the first glimpse of producer Jaya Ahsan and director Anam Biswas, signalling to the confused viewers that they did in fact click on the right link. The pair is seen casually in a studio where Momtaz is recording the catchy song alongside Pritom Hasan. 

“Debi” will be released across Bangladesh on September 7.