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Kalashnikov competes with Tesla’s retro – looking electric super car

  • Published at 03:43 pm August 24th, 2018
Electric car CV1 | Khalashnikov media

Tesla’s retro-looking has a new challenger in town

Kalashnikov is best known for inventing the AK-47 machine gun, but they have just revealed a creation tackling Elon Musk’s Tesla’s retro looking electric ‘super car’ The Russian arms-maker, Kalashnikov, presented their rare-1970’s-inspired car on 23 July. 

The official Kalashnikov website mentions that the look was inspired by a Soviet hatchback model that was developed in the 1970s—named “Izh-Kombi.”

A Kalashnikov Concern, Kalshnikov’s investment house, said it had developed leading-edge components for the “electric supercar”, including an innovative inverter. On one charge, the vehicle can travel 217 miles (350km). 

Kalashnikov’s press office stated that the electric cars will let them stand on a global platform—and can compete with high-ranking electric car producers such as Tesla. The global market leaders were hugely impactful in developing their technological concept.

Kalashnikov has long been trying to expand its brand, recently launching lines of clothing and other civilian merchandise ranging from umbrellas to mobile phone covers. Its thrust into the world of electric vehicle was met with mixed emotions from Russians.

Earlier this week, online users mocked Kalashnikov’s new bipedal combat robot. “Igorek” a golden-coloured machine, in its production stages, immediately became a subject of social media memes.

“Your tanks are great, but it would be better if you stayed away from cars,” one user wrote