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Gintama mentions Bangladesh, fans mostly amused

  • Published at 05:41 pm August 14th, 2018
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Some may find the joke offensive; but the majority of Bangladeshi anime fans are taking the matter rather well

The latest episode of the long running manga turned anime series mentioned our beloved country during a battle scene, causing a stir among Bangladeshi fans.

The scene in question shows Kagura’s brother Kamui and father Umibouzu engaging in a cutthroat battle. They have an ongoing dispute and Kamui often says mean things to his father while he lands deadly blows.

The scene goes something like this:

Kamui says to Umibouzu: “I wanted to save the main for last, but if you insist I’ll gobble it down with the appetizer.”

Gintoki says (in the background): “Hold it you moron!”

Umibouzu says: “What did you just say? Whose head is made in Bangladesh?!”

Gintoki (in the background): “Nobody said anything of that sort!”

It is a recurring gag in Gintama for characters to mishear each other and say random things out of nowhere. But it seems Umibouzu finds it offensive that someone would suggest that his head is made in Bangladesh; which is unfair as plenty of great heads with great brains were and are made in Bangladesh.

Gintama fans in Bangladesh have taken the matter rather well; although there are some comments that show not everyone took the joke warmly. 

But most fans are happy their country was mentioned in their favourite anime as that so rarely happens, if at all.