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Bhanga Bangla lends support to Bangladesh student movement

  • Published at 12:51 pm August 6th, 2018
Bhanga Bangla
The US based hip-hop group, Bhanga Bangla | Facebook

The US-based hip-hop group members posted videos on Instagram to publicise the movement

A peaceful campaign for safe roads by Bangladeshi students have turned violent as clashes have broken out in Dhaka.

Since then, Bangladeshis have used social media as a platform to share with the world the current situation and calling for support. 

Bhanga Bangla, a hip-hop crew based in Los Angeles, posted a video of the ongoing protest in Bangladesh. 

PLEASE Comment a ♥️ if you were apart of the Bangladesh student protest & you are safe. "We have received countless messages via Instagram & Facebook from kids in Bangladesh CRYING for help. It seems Today on August 4th 2018, the Cchatro League along with the police led an attack on a peaceful student protest around 3 p.m at Dhanmondi Jhigatola. The protest was the result of a road accident that killed 2 teenagers earlier this week. Schools were shut down as thousands of kids protested in the streets asking for justice & demanding improved road safety. Hundreds of teenage girls & boys were beaten mercilessly by use of rubber bullets & batons. Right now there are UNCONFIRMED REPORTS of student groups loyal to the government using violence against peaceful protesters & UNCONFIRMED REPORTS of female students being raped & abducted. There is apparently NO media coverage by any news association & the INTERNET in the entire country of Bangladesh has been disabled. This is disheartening & needs to be covered in all media & news stations Internationally." 💔 🇧🇩 #WEWANTJUSTICE #bbcnews #cnn #washingtonpost#Aljazeera #GoogleNews #Bangladesh #NewYorkTimes #GlobalIssues #TheGuardian #TheIndependent #CNBC #AppleNews #EuroNews

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They have expressed their support by making a music video highlighting the protest. The music video caption describes the violent situation of Bangladesh and the negligence of the internet and media coverage.

Ivory Shakur and Young Prince, members of the Bhanga Bangla crew, have shared the story on Instagram.