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Drew Binsky addresses the student protests in Bangladesh

  • Published at 07:30 pm August 5th, 2018

The travel vlogger expresses his concerns over recent protests in Dhaka

Drew Binsky released a video titled “What's Happening in Bangladesh?” this evening where he addressed the traffic condition, the student protests and the need for safe roads in general.

Binsky is a social media personality best known for his travel vlogs. He has been to 133 countries since 2012. Binsky boasts over 1.2 million social media followers; and to them, he has expressed his concern for the traffic condition of Bangladesh. 

Binsky visited Bangladesh in 2017 and said in his video that he was shocked at how bad the traffic situation was in the country.

“It was like the chaos of Delhi x5, in terms of honking horns, horrible drivers and overall safety,” Binsky said about the traffic in Dhaka city.

The video was posted on Facebook and YouTube and has been well received by his audience.